Candidate ID
Your Candidate ID consists of 5 to 9 digits and, for candidates who registered with the program through the online process, your Candidate ID is found on the top of your registration confirmation page that you were required to print and send in with your photos. It will also be found on any future mail and status reports similar to the examples below.

For existing candidates who registered prior to this online process, you should have received communication from ECFVG to inform you of your 'New Candidate ID' or you can use your original Registration ID and click the link at the bottom of this section to retrieve your Candidate ID, as it is different from your original Registration ID.
Candidates who registered prior to the online process can find their Registration ID on any Status Report or on any envelope containing mail you may have received from ECFVG staff throughout the process. See examples below.
Click to look up your Candidate ID with your Registration ID
Candidates who registered through the online process were prompted to create as password at registration and were requested to 'save it to a safe place for future use'.
For candidates who registered prior to the online process, your initial password may be your last name.
For all, your password is case sensitive, so the first letter and any other letters you would normally capitalize in your last name, or may have capitalized when creating your password during registration, will be upper case. The rest of the letters will be lower case and have no space and no hyphens between letters.
For example,
if your last name is Smith, your password will be Smith
if your last name is Smith-Jones, your password will be SmithJones

If you have changed your last name, your password may be your maiden, or previous last name.

If you do not remember or need to change your password, you may try the link below or send an email to an ECFVG Staff Member or call us directly at 1-847-925-8070 (Toll-Free: 800-248-2862), x6623 or x6682.

When contacting us via e-mail, be sure to include your full name and address so we can locate your account to be able to help you with your password.
Please be sure to type the words "login help" or "ECFVG Web site login help" in the subject line of your e-mail so we can provide quick service back to you.

We do not offer 24-hour password assistance so we strongly suggest that you write down your login information and keep it in a safe place. We are currently available to help you with your login information during our normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. We will make every effort to return your phone call or e-mail as we are available
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